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Detector interface providing logic output for positive Hybrid PMT and negative Electron Multiplier PMTs and solid state devices to Photon Counters

30 dB to 60 dB of variable gain with optimized fixed threshold ensures no false pulses out at any gain allowing optimum detector settings.   There is no need to compromise detector noise or gain or speed with other fixed gain amplifiers, and there is never any need for a noisy input linear amplifier to see even the smallest single photon signal.

High input gain also allows pulse shaping input to minimize ringing and optimize timing.

Size32 x 32 x 48mm1.26" cube with SMA inputs/outputs
Weight47g1.64 oz
Power/Consumption6 VDC  217ma1.3W
Input/Output impedance
50 ohmsSMA female
Gain  (1)Maximum 64dbMinimum 32db
Input Voltage
 Negative input Version
 Positive input Version
300 uv
Maximum (2)
Output Rise/Fall Time< 250 ps5V PECL 100
Output Amplitudes
 50 ohm load  (2)
+ 600 mv Positive output, 800 mv max-600 mv Negative output, 800 mv max
Bandwidth1.5 GHz
Input Amplifier IP345 dBm5V operation
Input Amplifier ChipNoise Factor (NF)
 0.5 db to 500 MHz
 0.6 db to 1GHz
 22db @ 400 MHz
 16db @ 1 GHz   
Output NoiseLess than 4 mv ppNo false logic pulses at any gain
Input Limit ProtectionVRWM 5.0VVBR 5.4V
Input coupling1 nf into 50 OhmsRC = 50 ns
Output Coupling 1 nf into 50 OhmsExternal termination
Minimum Pulse width
Tested with 600 ps Hybrid PMT Pulse Width300 ps tested from 1.5 GHz toggle
Power Supply
5V internal regulatedUltra-low dropout
Black Anodized Aluminum Box
6V external power supply2.1 x 5.5 mm power plug

(1)   External pulse shaping attenuates the signal but allows impedance mismatches without ringing
(2)   The input is limited at +/-5V to prevent damage to the input amplifier, but +/-0.5V is maximum for which the input is not over-driven.

The PV16 can easily extract GHz single photon events at 350V acceleration on the Hamamatsu Hybrid R10467U-40 with -8000 Bias illustrating the extreme noise free sensitivity. .

$250.00 with power supply and trimmer tool for a limited time
TTL Output interface is available   SEE TTL ONESHOT TAB
$200 - P1TTL Gigahertz one output edge triggered one-shot with preset pulse width
$250 - P2TTL  Nanosecond output complementary TTL edge triggered one-shot with preset pulse width.