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                Affordable Continuous multi-channel Gigaphoton/second counting

Marina Photonics is dedicated to Gigahertz affordable Time-Correlated photon counting systems and has been supplying high speed photon counters since 1987.   Affordable means less than $5000 for most systems.
                        2 Channels  - Two Gigaphotons/second

      Affordable Sustained Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting

Two to four channels of photon counting are available with 1 GHz per channel sustained count rates with no dead time or lost counts or FIFO limit.  There is no start-stop reset time limiting sustained count rates.  Once photon counting is triggered, the counter places photon counts in nanosecond or sub-nanosecond bin photon events onto the disk until the process is stopped. The photon counter board contains up to four 1 GHz photon counting channels and one input trigger to start data collection.  Data collection Start can also be manually or software initiated

6.25"w x 4.25"h x 7"d  including switches and connectors
Internal 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz 10W 

Photon and gate and trigger inputs may be LVTTL GHz logic or PECL for better timing

Positive edge Positive Emitter Coupled Logic (PECL)  Photon input of 100 picosecond or wider pulses from the PV16 or LVTTL (Optional)

Trigger Start -  GHz LVTTL

GHz LVTTL Gating to select count windows for bursts of photons

Interface - USB 3 computer controlled acquisition at 200 Megabytes/second or 400 Megabytes/second Unlimited continuous streaming throughput.    Please see the second tab above for a picture of the New USB 3 version

Software - IDL 3-D analysis software interface available and Up-gradeable to allow user program customization.  Any user software that can read binary files from disk may be used.

Note: One year warranty applies to hardware and software updates

You can reach us at  831 601 2120   or:

Ungated photon counters are special order and start at $2902.00.

Please see gated photon counters in the next tab.

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